Equipment Addition - Koh Young, Zenith2 Automated 3D Optical Inspection System

Zenith2 Automated 3D Optical Inspection System

July 2019 – The latest and greatest upcoming upgrade in Veris' process streamlining is the Koh Young, Zenith 2, Automated 3D Optical Inspection System. Zenith 2 includes AI-driven automated programming software that reduces programming time by 70 percent. It also includes 3D side view cameras, quad-array DLP projectors for 3D measurement up to 25mm tall, and 4 side camera view at 15um. 3D AOI system improves defect identification and increasing quality control such as Missing, Offset, Billboarding, Tombstone, Coplanarity, Solder Joint (insufficient, excessive), Lifted Leads, Bridging, "No-Pops" Polarity. This system will be a valuable addition in our mission to provide the utmost precision in our manufacturing.


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