Veris Introduces More U-Shape Workcells

Veris Manufacturing U-Shape Workcells

July 2016 – Veris has introduced another Lean Manufacturing initiative with the acquisition of mechanical "box build" assembly work cells.

The U-Shape workcells are ergonomically functional and allows for the flow of product from the introduction of pre-assembled CCA's (circuit card assemblies) on one end, that progress into the HLA's (higher level assemblies) and come out as finished mechanical assemblies at the other end. The work cells are fully integrated with dual row bin holders, overhead lighting, tool holders, anti-fatigue mats, ESD monitored tabletops and PC monitors for paperless work instruction at a glance.

This U-Shaped workcell versatility allows for the assembly of mechanical assembly, cables and cable harness assemblies, in addition to serving as a slide line for thru-hole stuffing of components onto CCA's prior to wave or selective soldering.

The work cells help the operators ease of movement by having all components, work instructions and tooling readily available at each of the 5 work stations within the U-Shaped work cell. This maximizes throughput and emphasizes lean manufacturing principles.


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