Veris Utilizes Interposer and Adapter Solutions in Solving Obsolescence Issues

Veris Manufacturing Interposer and Adapter Solutions Veris Manufacturing FiSNAR 4400N.1

June 2016Interposer substrates are used to attach components as an intermediate process step by directly attaching to a main/motherboard. An interposer board can be used to solve any number of issues, most commonly as an interface to adapt obsolete components to a legacy circuit board that cannot be redesigned or is impractical to redesign. This is becoming more of an issue due to the conversion to lead-free components, though high reliability industries like aerospace, military, medical, etc. still require leaded BGAs due to tin whiskering concerns.

The interposer then becomes the new package for attaching onto the circuit board. This substrate can be made from a wide range of materials, including FR4, Polyimide, Rogers, Getek and Stablcor which can address the heat concerns caused by higher density devices. For HDI complex devices such as BGA’s, the fan-out techniques is utilized. Interposers greatly simplify a main/motherboard design by containing all the complexity of the BGA package within a small footprint. The interposer can utilize any footprint style from BGA to BGA, BGA to PGA, or BGA to QFP and others.

Veris Manufacturing FiSNAR 4400N.1


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