Veris Acquires Latest Technology: 3 New Reflow Ovens from Heller Industries

Veris Manufacturing 3 New Reflow Ovens

August 2016 – The Heller 1809 Mark III Lead Free reflow ovens are the latest capital equipment implementation to complete the already top of the line SMT capabilities that exist at Veris Mfg. Having the latest technology ovens across all 3 SMT lines makes all assembly lines virtually mirror images, allowing for greater flexibility which support high mix/high volume throughputs with greater quality reflow profile soldering.

Highlights and features of the Heller 1809 Mark III include:

  • Support for high mix/high volume throughput
  • Rapid response times and precise temperature controls
  • Assured process uniformity regardless of component density or board loading
  • Identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen
  • Lead free Certified
  • New flux management system - Eliminates maintenance
  • Intuitive control system and programmable cooling
  • Integrated CPK software


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