Veris Acquires new FiSNAR 4400N.1 Underfill and Epoxy Dispensing System

Veris Manufacturing FiSNAR 4400N.1

June 2016 – Veris introduces our new Fisnar 4400N.1 dispensing system to address the Underfill process on Flip Chip, CSP, and BGA devices assembled onto Rigid and Rigid-Flex substrates.

Dispensing underfill material allows the redistribution of stress away from the solder joints to extend thermal aging, improves reliability, and prolongs cycle life of the devices by protecting the solder joints from oxidation.

The mechanical benefits of filling the spacing between CSP’s, BGA’s solder joints is the protection from shock, drop and vibration of the various assembly applications.

Our new 3 Axis dispensing system has a robust Servo-driven ball screw design with continuous path motion for X,Y,Z movement which allows for quick programming for dispensing various underfill and epoxy materials with great precision (.001mm per axis) and repeatability ( +/- .02mm & +/- .11°).

This new piece of equipment further enhances Veris’s end product, and for us is a part of ensuring we have our customers best interest in mind through increased reliability and prolonged product life.


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