JUKI ISM UltraFlex 3900

January 2020 – Veris has acquired the Juki UltraFlex ISM 3900 intelligent storage system and paired it with our ISM 3600 system. The ISM UltraFlex 3900 and the ISM UltraFlex 3600 are interconnected by two conveyor belts which then act as a single unit, doubling storage capacity to as many as 7,500 reels. This allows our team to minimize the manual expenditure of time typically used to kit a job. Storage in this manner ensures the component reels are temperature and humidity controlled as well as safely stored in an ESD compliant environment.

Juki ISM Ultraflex 3900

Heller 1809 Mark V Series

Veris has invested in the Heller 1809 Mark 5 Series reflow oven which will be in addition to the four Mark III ovens. While most of the key features of the Mark III are unchanged, the most significant differences featured on the Mark 5 are a PCB width compatibility increase from 18" to 22". The Mark 5 also features closed loop fan speed controllers, both fan speed controllers (for the heating and cooling modules) provide the option to control heating and cooling fan speed. An additional feature the Mark 5 oven is that it has is the capability to count the PCBs going in and out of the machine for easy KPI data collection.

Heller 1809

Volunteering at the OC Food Bank

O C Foodbank

Our team volunteered their time to create a positive impact in our community in Orange County.

The Orange County Food Bank's mission is to help low income families and individuals meet their basic needs and to strengthen their support system by providing food and USDA commodities to the non-profit agencies in Orange County. At the warehouse, volunteers receive and package about 26,000 boxes of food each month for distribution to 50 sites across the county.

The Veris team had the opportunity to package food boxes at the food bank. They filled the boxes with a variety of food items like fruits, vegetables, and canned goods. Our team was thrilled to have had the opportunity to support the families of our community.

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