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ISO13485:2016 Surveillance Audit Success

March 2020 – As a partner of advanced manufacturing in the medical device arena, the ISO 13485:2016 certification represents our commitment to producing high quality electronic medical manufacturing services.

Veris takes our commitment of providing the highest quality advanced manufacturing very seriously. In order to upkeep our high standards, we have a skilled five person team of ISO13485 internal auditors certified to conduct monthly internal audits. They search for areas of improvement as well as areas of continued excellence. External surveillance audits are then performed once a year and re-certification audits performed every three years. In order to become and remain certified, we must conduct regular audits to ensure an outstanding and effective quality system is established and maintained through a compliant Quality Management Systems (QMS).

During the last week of January 2020, Veris was audited by ABS Quality Evaluations, who found no major non-conformances.

ISO13485:2016 Surveillance Audit Success

Continuous improvement and repeatabilty is at the core of what we do at Veris. Exemplifying this, we have invested in the ASYS Insignium 3000 Automated Label Applicator. The new addition to our work flow will automate our label printing and placement operations. This increases the efficiency in our set up operation and increases the level of accuracy in label installation and traceability control.

The machine features a conveyor system with a positioning mechanism to pick up and place PCB. The PCB is then transferred with a conveyor into the application area. The X/Y axle moves the application head to the printer, and a label is taken and applied to the PCB. Featuring a dual thermal transfer printer to apply more than one label at a time. After the application process, the PCB is released and then transferred to the following unit.

Insignum 3000

Promoting wellness and exercise among our workplace

Research demonstrates that exercise is good for the body and dramatically affects the brain in positive ways. In today's busy world, it is often hard for people to prioritize time to exercise and take care of their physical well-being. Veris promotes wellness and positive change in the workplace. We encourage our employees and their families to prioritize their health and get stepping!

Veris has partnered up with Move Spring, a step challenge application, and has created two step tracking challenges thus far this year. The first challenge took place January 6 to January 25, 2020 where the goal was to reach an individual total of 120,000 steps within 20 days. That is an average of 6,000 steps a day. The Veris team collectively reached over 13 million steps and individually reached a daily average of over 9,000 steps! Over 80 percent of the participating team members reached and exceeded the goals. Well done Veris team!

The second challenge began February 24, 2020 and will remain active until March 22, 2020. The goals of this challenge varies per individual, depending on their performance during the first challenge. We are now challenging each team member to substantially increase their daily movement goal for better health and wellness.

Our goal is to have a successful wellness program where our team members are encouraged to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Volunteering at the OC Food Bank

Heller 1809

Our team volunteered their time to create a positive impact in our community in Orange County.

The Orange County Food Bank's mission is to help low income families and individuals meet their basic needs and to strengthen their support system by providing food and USDA commodities to the non-profit agencies in Orange County. At the warehouse, volunteers receive and package about 26,000 boxes of food each month for distribution to 50 sites across the county.

The Veris team had the opportunity to package food boxes at the food bank. They filled the boxes with a variety of food items like fruits, vegetables, and canned goods. Our team was thrilled to have had the opportunity to support the families of our community.

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Veris 20 Day Steptastic Challenge


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