Anaheim, January 17, 2013 - At the start of 2013, following another profitable year, Veris Manufacturing invested in more cutting edge equipment upgrades!

With steady, continuous growth and positive results day in and day out, Veris is always dedicated to improving their efficiency, quality, and technology.

With this in mind, Veris Manufacturing purchased two DEK Printers as well as a new High-Speed Modular Mounter FX-2 SMT Machine.

Here are some facts on the three purchases:

-The DEK printers are fully automated and feature DEK's Instinctiv user interface, involves Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network (ISCAN), has the alignment capability of 2cpk at +/-12.5 microns, and has a remarkable 12-second cycle time.

-The FX-2 involves high precision and high speed placement of components, improvement of cycle time, improvement of availability, low frequency of failure occurrence, low component lost rate, improvement of versatility, improvement of operability, a whopping 40% increased capacity, and high-speed, on-the-fly centering.

With 2 added Dek Printers and a new FX-2 machine, Veris has been able to improve their efficiency, capacity, and versatility all in order to meet customers growing demands for increased flexibility and cost reductions.

Veris Manufacturing will always be on the cutting edge of technology and the most recent equipment upgrades only exemplify Veris as the most dependable world-class manufacturer.


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