Veris Manufacturing was founded in 1987 by an Electrical Engineer named John Ivory. At the time we were called Quality Control Manufacturing or Q C M inc. John and his team concentrated on the thru hole market.

The company was then bought in 2001 by Bill McIlvene. Bill's goal was to take this small thriving business from a "mom and pop" thru hole shop to a World Class Manufacturer. The focus was to integrate cutting-edge technology and documented procedures, without losing the flexibility, communication, and accessibility a smaller shop can provide. To do so, Bill brought in a dedicated team of managers with this same vision and populated our shop with cutting-edge equipment and ideas.

In 2020, Veris joined the esteemed and thriving Emerald EMS. By doing so, we have joined forces with other likeminded and world class manufacturers throughout the world. Our goal was to further our capabilities and to add increased value to our customers and their products.

To achieve our goals, we have always put an emphasis on further educating our team with the best training and leadership skills to grow our employees and reinvest in our talent pool. We believe that the human aspect of our business is of the utmost importance in order to be successful. We want our employees and customers to thrive in our growing and evolving environment, where quality, honesty and integrity are paramount for success.

Through decades of hard work and dedication to our goals, the Veris team have become one of the most respected and dependable Contract Manufacturers for your high reliability and complex assembly needs.