Veris Manufacturing is a full-service electronics contract manufacturer with a very unique edge - We do what we say we will. We know how important contract manufacturing is to your company. We know that your EMS provider is normally the biggest budget spend and scrutinized the most. With all the complexities of our business, it is key to have free flowing and open communication, as well as having the tools and skills to keep it all organized. Veris takes a personalized approach to doing business. We focus on our customers' needs, on a company level, executive level, and even down to a personal level. We feel all facets are equally important. Our goal is to make not only your company profitable, by supplying on time, on budget, and quality assemblies, but also to make your life easier and your manufacturing more reliable. Printed circuit boards are complex and, at times, tedious by nature. Through 25 years of experience, we have found we can make the buying process easier and less convoluted for all by putting the human touch back into our technical world.